You can check the locked door to peek through the keyhole for some guard banter - and note the two stationed outside. The two of them will separate after talking - one standing at a bar while the other looks off towards the water. Below is a complete list of secrets to be found in the first mission, as well as their locations. If you’re feeling particular vengeful you can launch yourself at him and attack head on. There’s some copper wire on a shelf as you enter the yard, and processed whale oil near the main gate back to the street, but more importantly you can head to the far back wall where some crates let you hop up and over to get to the other side - where you can follow a large pipe over the water leading you to the boat. To escape, look to the windows and open one to climb out onto the narrow balcony, and move to the next open window leading to a room full of slain guards - and one that yet breathes. Unfortunatley the large safes in the corner full of giant gold bricks can’t be taken with you (but a single gold ingot can) - so leave the bigger ones behind and head out through the door near where you picked up your kit - and exit the tower to Dunwall Streets You can either drop down on them from above (remember drop attacks are loud), or take the stairs down from the next room. The list includes paintings, audiographs and safes. The first special action refers to a scene you can encounter in an editorial office in Dunwall. Painting #1;

You can either hop over the railing to the left, or if you’re feeling risky, slide across the path to the right side and over that end into the alleys. She’ll plead with you to escape the tower, and mention a way through Emily’s safe chamber - the key for which lies in Mortimer Ramsey’s hands. The path on the right also leads to barracks with a single guard inside by a table with a coin, and the room holds a few notes, bullets, copper wire, and a grenade in a cabinet. One is talking to a woman nearby who will enter a bar, while more guards patrol further up the street.

As you head down, you can check under the stairs for a newspaper - but be on alert for another guard in the next room. You can then take the path under the stairs to the row of the houses ending with a dumpster and some stacked boxes leading to a way out - just watch the patrolling guards don’t see you dart by the stairs up to the street. Head to the end of the disused corridor and grab some coins on the table opposite the door before you leave. The guards here will patrol the nearby steps moving back and forth up the main street, so be careful in how you deal - or avoid - them. Whether you unlock the safe room yourself or let him do it - grab your signet ring and use it to unlock the shelf leading to the safe room. 0. Back on the first floor, check the side room near the front entrance for an umberwood whale statue (50 coins).

Dropping down on the left side, note the large unlocked doors that lead into a house. Once again you have two paths best for avoiding most of the guards, though each path has its own perils. Next Mission 2 When you wake up Prev Mission 1 Special actions. Location: You are looking for the Crown Killer and your …

There’s a few coins to grab on the table by some cider, as you make your way out of this room. This leads to small alley with a map of the area, where civilians will be staying (they won’t rat you out). Climb onto the ship and speak with the captain, and get ready to cast off for Karnaca. Caution!If you're aiming for the Ghost achievement, you'll need to knock out the guard only after the editor calls for help.

If you are on the left side, you can enter the bar after the woman where you’ll be relatively safe from detection. If you listen, he’ll mention that he intends to explore the safe room - and hopes he doesn’t lock himself in…. Cheminement complet de la mission, localisation de tous les Collectibles disponibles et informations détaillées sur les actions spéciales et les objectifs secondaires. Descend through the guard outpost below via the hatch and pick up the bullets in the outpost by the note.

Now that you’ve left the tower, you have a boat captain to meet. Down the hall is the stairs the guards are stationed by, as well as a bathroom - which has a few coins and bathing salts to grab, and an audiograph to listen to.

There’s a door here that will take you into the Courier building. If you are on the same side as the Boyle Office, you can use the awnings along the right to move over the street before dropping down behind cover, and go under the road along the houses to head into a factory yard where a guard patrols. Overseer Building Safe.

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