Confira 10 grandes super-heróis que não são criações da Marvel ou da DC … A hugely popular HBO animated series. Spawn is Spawn, not Marvel or DC. He created a hugely successful character for various reasons. Spawn himself is very popular without even getting that chance. And the ever so popular Mcfarlane Toys range. Les super-héros Marvel qui n'ont rien à voir au ciné et dans les comics In custody of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Super-Adaptoid was being taken to Holding Facility Number 7. Ces super héros LGBT qu'on kifferait voir au ciné Wonder Woman, Thor, Batman... Même la mort n'arrête pas les super-héros There is not a thing that doesn't dilute Spawn. Kirkman has created a great Image universe. ¡Conoce estos 10 personajes que no son de Marvel ni DC Comics! Kirkman has created awesome titles like The Walking Dead, Invincible, Guardians of the Globe, Tech Jacket, Astounding Wolfman, Black Samson etc. Pour incarner un super héros ou vilain, le costume ne suffit pas I would demand that Spawn gets recognition and used properly. Spawn is the nucleus between heaven, earth and hell.Spawn is good in his own story. 1. It is still limiting this awesome character though. Franchement, y’a des vilains à 2€ en face de Spider-Man parfois Just like the rest of the roster. Dites vous que Kevin Eastman et Peter Laird non plus quand ils ont créé les Bon ok on triche un peu parce que c’est pas vraiment un super héros… Mais bon, Companies like Dark Horse or IDW or even Marvel/DC.Well as I said, the Image universe does not cater for Spawn. Is Spawn the forgotten hero in Image Comics? Would he be better in Marvel or DC?Would like to see him in marvel as well..tag team with ghost rider.If I recall correctly that was because her character rights didnt belong to Image. For me, they are both opposites. Now a character getting a movie outside of the top two is a great achievement indeed. Almost all characters from Marvel, DC and Image crossover and broaden their own characters. Neither, Spawn was created by Todd McFarlane who had worked with marvel … Similar to Frank Castle for Marvel, we all cheer for him. Imagine Spawn teaming up with Constantine or Swamp Thing!! Moins connu que The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman a aussi son histoire de super héros avec Invincible. Faça login para comentar as respostas Postar; Anônimo. Michael Jay white was alright as spawn but I think they can do better .I'd prefer Spawn in DC though. The problem with Spawn is that he is a individual from the norm. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Este querido superhéroe tuvo una película y está en puerta que cuente con otra (y esperemos sea mejor). Dans le style, ça a rien à voir avec les héros de Marvel ou DC parce qu’on passe beaucoup plus de temps à voir les héros dans leur quotidien. Spawn. However, although this universe is a great one, it does not involve Spawn. The second is that he is African-American. Or DC, with their Justice League Dark characters suit Spawn to the ground. I'm not talking about a bad difference. When Todd Mcfarlane created Spawn. 2012-07-22 17:51:24 2012-07-22 17:51:24. At 251 issues, it’s longer, denser and more complicated than half of the books currently being published at either Marvel or DC. As an independent character he has already achieved his own Anime series, top range action figures and a solo movie. However during transport the creators of the Adaptoid, A.I.M., bombed the escort and captured the Adaptoid, taking him to an undisclosed island in the Phillipines.From there the scientists of A.I.M. Although Spawn has some great characters in his own universe like Badrock, Enoch, Angela, Haunt and The Creech. He basically has his own universe. Is spawn marvel or DC? I could easily imagine him being involved in Marvels Thunderbolts, or teaming up with The Punisher or Ghost Rider. They both have the money and the top writers to make him even more popular.What do you think? Which is why, if I was CEO of Marvel or DC I would attempt to buy the rights of Spawn. Now a character getting a movie outside of the top two is a great achievement indeed.

Ces femmes qui ont du génie dans les comics neither - it's IMAGE. 0 1 1. Todd Mcfarlane created Image after he left Marvel. These supporting characters like Spawn are being wasted due to the limited universe they are in.The brilliant Angela the Angel. Vous devez être connecté pour poster un commentaire Definitely needs more exposure.The comic universe is vast now. Há 1 década. Because I can imagine other publishing companies would love to sign the rights of Spawn. On suit Avouez, vous l’attendiez pas celui là ! Spawn was one of the first titles for Image along with Savage Dragon. To me, this is insulting. Were he Marvel or DC then his name would not be Spawn, it would be Marvel, or DC. Image Comics are now over 15 years old, with Spawn being there since day one. You can even check out the website and Spawn hardly features. A Marvel e a DC foram - e ainda são - as grandes criadoras de quadrinhos do século passado, mas existem personagens magníficos do mundo dos quadrinhos que não foram publicados originalmente por elas. If I was Mcfarlane I would demand equal exposure. Fonte(s): This thing called life. Spawn himself is very popular without even getting that chance. I'm tornZMcFarlane wouldn't sell spawn to begin with this is why he sued gaiman for medieval spawn and gaiman kept Angela to keep him indie and have creative control reason he hasn't made another movie he wants creative control, and he has said in interviews why he left marvel so he would never sell it to marvel or dcInternational Home of DC, Marvel & Indie Comics Fans!

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